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LibMagiC File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
mapplic.h [code] [code]
marchive.h [code] [code]
mattribute.h [code] [code]
mclass.h [code]
mconfig.h [code]
mcoord.h [code] [code]
mdatastream.h [code] [code]
mdatetime.h [code]
mdebug.h [code]
mdynamic.h [code]
mexception.h [code] [code]
mgdev-eps.h [code] [code]
mgobject.h [code] [code]
mhtml.h [code]
mi18n.h [code] [code]
miodevice.h [code]
miterator.h [code] [code]
mlinknode.h [code]
mlist.h [code]
mloop.h [code] [code]
mlsystem.h [code]
mmagisupp.h [code] [code]
mmap.h [code] [code]
mmath.h [code] [code]
mmatrix.h [code]
mnotifier.h [code] [code]
mobject.h [code]
mpackarray.h [code]
mparameter.h [code]
mpararr.h [code]
mqt-compat.h [code]
mrefarray.h [code] [code]
mregexp.h [code]
mset.h [code] [code]
msocket.h [code] [code]
mstream.h [code] [code]
mstring.h [code]
mtable.h [code] [code]
mtextstream.h [code]
mthread.h [code] [code]
mturtle.h [code]
mtypes.h [code]
mversion.h [code]

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