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LibMagiC Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ApplicationAn application-class that can be inherited instead of using main()
ArrayGeneric array template, for objects and non-objects
iteratorArray iterator, although iterating with integer index may be easier
AttributedInheritable support for key-seekable dynamic attributes
BufferA character buffer readable and writable with standard I/O methods
ClassClass of classes, contains run-time information about a class
ClassLibCollection of all run-time class objects in the system
ComparableAn Object that can be compared, for sorting purposes, etc
ConfigConfiguration object
Coord2DTwo-dimensional coordinates in float space
Coord3DThree-dimensional coordinates in float space
CPPModuleA module
DataIStreamInput stream
DataStreamAbstract baseclass for data streams
DeviceNotifierThis file is part of the MagiC++ library
DynParameterDynamic field (or object) type parameter
EPSDeviceEncapsulated PostScript graphics driver
ExceptionHighest exception class
FileA file object for reading, writing, or otherwise manipulating files
FloatObject-floating poing value
FormatOStreamFormatted output stream for structured storing of objects
GenHashGeneric hash table storage, used by Map
GenHashIterGenHash iterator
GetClassInstanceCallback class for retrieving a new instance of the class
HashBucketA hash bucket in GenHash and thus in Map; (internal)
HashFuncAn interface for hash functions in Genhash (and thus in Map)
HoursTime in hours
IndirLinkNodeLinkNode that can be connected to just one kind of other nodes
IODeviceBaseclass for I/O devices
IOStreamInput and output stream
IParameterizedInterface for dynamically parameterizable objects
IStreamInput stream
LGrammarL-System grammar
LinkNodeAn object linked bi-directionally to other objects, inheritable
NodeLinkA link to a LinkNode
NodeLinkArrayArray of NodeLinks
LinkNodeProcessorNode batch processor..
ListVirtually double-linked list (using XOR address encoding)
ListNodeThis file is part of the MagiC++ library
LRuleL-System rule
MapAssociative map, based on GenHash
MapIterMap iterator
MapPairA key-value pair in GenHash and thus in Map; (internal)
MatrixMathematical matrix
OStreamAbstract baseclass for output streams
PackArrayPacked array/vector; saves space and is fast
PackTablePacked two-dimensional table; works also with native types
SocketA communication socket device
StreamAbstract streams baseclass
StringGeneric string and buffer class
SuspendLinkNodeNotifyA collection of LinkNodes that silences all notifications to the contained nodes
TextIStreamInput stream
TextOStreamText output stream
TextStreamAbstract baseclass for text streams
ThreadPoolPool of threads to process requests
TurtleTurtle for drawing pictures
TurtleDeviceAbstract interface for turtle drawing devices
TurtleStateSaved location and orientation state of a turtle

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