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String Class Reference

Generic string and buffer class. More...

#include <mstring.h>

Inheritance diagram for String:

Comparable List of all members.

Public Methods

int operator== (const Comparable &other) const
char * getbuffer () const
virtual int hashfunc (int hashsize) const

Detailed Description

Generic string and buffer class.

Supports cached hash-number calculation.

Definition at line 82 of file mstring.h.

Member Function Documentation

char* getbuffer   const [inline]

Returns a non-const pointer to the string buffer.


Definition at line 193 of file mstring.h.

virtual int hashfunc int    hashsize const [virtual]

Hash function.

Inheritors should overload this if they want to be used as a key in Map, etc.

Hash value.
hashsize  Hash size.

Reimplemented from Comparable.

int operator== const Comparable   other const [virtual]

Equality comparison.

Must be overloaded.

Implements Comparable.

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