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NeHeP Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AnyFloatGeneAbstract interface class for genes that encode a floating-point value
AnyIntGeneAbstract interface for any genes that encode an integer value
BinaryGeneA binary gene with values 0 and 1
BinaryTestEAEnvEnvironment for making EA experiments with a binary-valued genomes
BitFloatGeneFloating point value encoded genetically as a binary vector
BitIntGeneInteger gene that is implemented as a vector of BinaryGene genes
CircularMutatorNormally distributed FloatGene mutator for circular domains
ConstantMutatorThe standard normally distributed FloatGene mutator
DiploidGenomeGenome with multiple sets of chromosomes -- UNDER DEVELOPMENT
EAEnvironmentThe abstract base class for environments ("objective functions") where the fitness of Individuals is measured
EAStrategySearch strategy for an evolutionary algorithm
FitnessStatsFor calculating fitness statistics for a population
FloatGeneFloating-point gene with native floating point representation; implementation of Evolution Strategies real-valued genes
FloatMutatorInterface for FloatGene mutation operators
FloatTestEAEnvEnvironment for testing FloatGene and BitFloatGene genes
GeneThe abstract concept of a genetic structure encoding some specific phenotypic feature; the atomic unit of a Genstruct
GeneticMsgA genetic message that activates genes
GenomeThe highest level container of genetic information
GenstructThe highest genetic abstraction: a genetic structure
GentainerA genetic container
IndividualThe carrier of a genome; can have phenotype
InterGeneA reference gene
IntGeneInteger (or multivalue) gene with independent values
MonoploidGenomeGenome with single set of chromosomes -- UNDER DEVELOPMENT
MultiMinEAEnvEAEnvironment for testing two-dimensional multiple-minima test function
MutabilityRecordA logging class that stores some statistical data during evolution runs
MutationMutatorFloatGene mutator for mutating mutation rates
MutationRateA parameter-passing class for passing mutation rates to atomic genes BinaryGene, AnyIntGene, and AnyFloatGene
MutationSimpleMutatorFloatGene mutator from Thomas Bäck 1997, SNAC Book, page 37 (10)
PopulationPopulation is a collection of Individual that are evolved in a EAEnvironment
SelectionMatrixMatrix for calculating the selection probabilities of specific parent pairs
SelectionPrmsA container object that contains selection parameters for different selection methods
SelectionSituationA temporary situation where pairs of are expected to be select for mating
SelectorSelection handler of an Individual
SimplePopulationA linear set implementation of Population

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