Images from Oleg Kosterin

Spiranthes amoena
[amoena-1.jpg] 400x609 (~50Kb) The Unda River bank in its upper flow at the village Nizhnyaya Shakhtama, E Chita Ragion, E Transbaikalia, Siberia, Russia. 23rd July 1997, Photo Oleg Kosterin
Elymus sibiricus
[sibiricus-1.jpg] 616x400 (~61Kb) The Onon River left bank 7 km upstream of the village Nozhnii Tsasuchei, Aginskii Buryat National Region, SE Transbaikalia, Siberia, Russia. 16th July 1997, Photo Oleg Kosterin
Stipa pennata
[pennata-1.jpg] 820x518 (~91Kb) The great feather grass (Stipa pennata L.) steppes of Russia and Kazakhstan have mostly been ploughed out now but small relics of them can be found witin the forest-steppe zone (the grove belt) of West Siberia on warm south-exposed slopes, such as this high right bank of the Inya River near its mouth at Novosibirsk. 22nd of June 1996, Photo Oleg Kosterin
Stipa capillata
[capillata-1.jpg] 769x484 (~80Kb) Patches of true steppes on south-exposed slopes are scattered in the forest-steppe zone of West Siberia, few of them escaping ploughing out. In late spring they become white due to the feather grass (Stipa pennata L.), then it looses its plumage and make room to its relative Stipa capillata L. [local "tyrsa"], with non-pennate awns, painting these patcnes in light-green to yellow in middle summer and autumn, as on this view. 15 km S of the town Iskitim, Iskitim District, Novosibirsk Region, W Siberia, Russia. 10th September 1997, Photo Oleg Kosterin

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