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Inanna Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AbsoluteNeuralPredictionNeural network based prediction method
ANNetworkA generic and extensible neural network
ANNFileFormatBaseclass for ANNetwork file formats
ANNFileFormatLibANNetwork data file format library
ANNLayeringOlder, layered ANN topology
ANNTopologyBaseclass for builder methods for ANNetworks
ArrayTrainSetData series training set, especially useful for time series
AverageDeltaPredictionAverage Change of Previous Years prediction method
BackpropTrainerError back propagation neural learning algorithm
BiNodeBidirectionally linked graph node
ClassifResultsStruct for returning classification results from Learner::testClassify
CombinedPredictionA combined trivial prediction method
ConnectionA weighted connection between two Neuron neurons
DataFormatBaseclass for PatternSet file formats
DataFormatLibPatternSet data file format library
DeltaNeuralPredictionNot in use currently
DummyInitializerDummy NeuronInitializer just leaves the neurons uninitialized
DummyTerminatorDummy terminator that doesn't terminate at all
EqualizerAbstract interface for vector equalization methods
GaussianEqNormal distribution equalization method (strategy)
GaussianInitializerStandard initializer for Neuron weights
GLTerminatorGeneralization Loss Terminator by Prechelt
HistogramEqHistogram equalization method (strategy)
LayeredTopologyMultilayer perceptron ANNTopology
LearnerAbstract interface for any ANN implementations
LibGeneric abstract factory for a specific type of classes
MatrixEqualizerEqualizes matrices
MinmaxEqLinear range equalization method (strategy)
MonthlyDataSetContains data that has month information
NeuralPredictionThis might be a nice change for future
NeuronThe baseclass of neurons in ANNetwork
NeuronContainerNeuron container
NeuronInitializerAbstract interface class for Neuron weight initializers
NeuronVisitorFor making operations for neurons
PatternRowThis file is part of the Inanna library
PatternSetTypical, tabular pattern set
PatternSourceThe abstract base class for pattern sources such are PatternSet
PQTerminatorProgress quotient Terminator by Prechelt
PredictionStrategyAbstract baseclass for different monthly prediction methods
PredictionStrategyLibFactory of prediction strategies
PredictionTestResultsHolder for prediction test results
PreviousYearPrevious Year prediction method
PreviousYearsAvgAverage of Previous Years prediction method
PRTerminatorAnother Terminator used in the examples of Prechelt's paper
RPropTrainerResilient error backpropagation algorithm by Riedmiller
SavingTerminatorA middle-level Terminator abstraction that supports saving the best network state so far
SNNSDataFormat* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or * (at your option) any later version
StochasticPredictionThis might be a nice change for future
TerminatorAbstract superclass for early stopping strategies for AnyNetwork
TerminatorT800A super-fast Terminator that doesn't save the network state
TrainerAbstract baseclass for neural network training algorithms (strategies)
TrainingObserverCallback observer for monitoring training progress
TrainParametersTraining parameter object for neural prediction methods
TransferFuncCopyright : (C) 2000 by Marko Grönroos * email : *
UPTerminatorA Terminator that stops traning when the generalization error increased in n successive strips
ZeroDeltaPredictionA dummy prediction method

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