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Annalee Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ANNEncodingBaseclass for the neural network encoding method genes
ANNGeneGene for constructing an artificial neural network for an individual
CangCellDescrDecoded daughter cell descriptor for Cangelosi-type neuron used in CangelosiEncoding
CangelosiCellA temporary cell used in the ontogeny process of the CangelosiEncoding
CangelosiEncodingThe encoding method by Cangelosi, Nolfi and Parisi (1994)
CangelosiNetTemporary network object representing the 2-dimensional cell space used by CangelosiEncoding
KitanoEncodingThe gene for the Graph Generation Grammar encoding method by Kitano (1990)
LayeredEncodingA simple direct encoding method with three-layered feedforward MLP structure
LearningEAEnvAn EA environment that evaluates individuals by their learning capabilities
MillerEncodingThis is a rather generic version of the direct encoding proposed by Miller, Todd and Hedge (1989)
NolfiCellA temporary cell object used in the NolfiEncoding encoding method
NolfiEncodingEncoding method by Nolfi and Parisi (1992)
NolfiNetTemporary network object representing the 2-dimensional cell space used by NolfiEncoding
NolfiTurtleThis file is part of the MagiC++ library
TakeBrainPicsMsgA genetic message for instructing the individual to save a snapshot of its "brain" to a log file

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