Europe Round Trip 2011

August 5th to 26th 2011

These pictures are from my 2011 round trip in Central-Eastern Europe, through Baltic, Poland, and Czech to Austria, and back through Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

This time I used only my new Canon G12, which is much easier to carry around than my Canon 40D + 5 lenses + video camera, some 5 kg in weight. While the G12 is just OK for taking basic travel pics, it is somehow much more difficult to take any visually spectacular pictures with it. Weather has a great influence of course and most of the time the weather was rather dull.

Unfortunately, the stupid tracker application I used kept only the last 20 or so tracks, so I lost all the location information for the first ten days. Many of the pictures in Austria contain the geographical location information and have a link to Google Maps, but I didn't have tracking on all the time. For some pictures I have set the location manually. I really need a good 24/7 tracker device.

Note the new keyboard support in the image view: arrow left and right navigate the to previous and next picture (when possible), and arrow up to the index.

August 5th
August 6-7th
August 7th
Kaunas, Lithuenia
August 7th
August 8th to 9th
Torun, Poland
August 8th
The route went through Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuenia, through the Via Baltica (E67) road. After arriving at Poland, I turned from the E67 to Torun, the birth place of Nikolai Copernicus.

Kutna Hora
August 9th
August 10th
Cesky Krumlov
August 11th
Sumava National Park
August 12th
The last time I went quickly through Czech in just a few hours, not even stepping out of the car. This time, I spent more time there. Accomodation and food were really cheap which makes this a great destination.

August 13th to 21st
August 14th
August 15th
August 16th
Dachstein Highlands
August 16-17th
August 17th
Bad Goisern and Gosau
August 18th
August 20th
The main objective of the trip, Hallstatt and the surrounding area.

August 21st
August 25th
Came back driving quite fast through Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. I didn't stop much and took pictures even less.


The pictures presented here have been reduced to size 1152x768. Original pictures taken with Canon G12 have 10Mpix resolution and are only available by request.

© Copyright 2011 Marko Grönroos.
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