Depressaria Haworth, 1811
Subgenus Depressaria
  • Depressaria (Depressaria); [FE]
The veneficella species-group
Subgenus Hasenfussia
  • Hasenfussia (Depressaria); [FE]
Subgenus Horridopalpus
  • Horridopalpus (Depressaria); [FE]
The hystricellataciturna species-group

Unknown or unplaced taxa

  • Depressaria albiocellata; [NHM card]

  • Depressaria aragonella; [NHM card]

  • Depressaria aurantiella Tutt, 1893; Ent. Rec. J. Var. 4: 241; TL: Deal
  • Depressaria aurantiella; [NHM card]

  • Depressaria pavoniella; [NHM card]

  • Depressaria reticulatella; [NHM card]

  • Depressaria sp. A; McKenna & Berenbaum, 2003, J. Lep. Soc. 57 (1): 39 (Park Co., WY, Lemhi Co., CA, Alpine Co., CA, Modoc Co., CA)

Larva on (as A) Pteryxia terebinthina var. foeniculacea, P. terebinthina var. californica McKenna & Berenbaum, 2003, J. Lep. Soc. 57 (1): 39

Larva on (as B) Lomatium bicolor var. leptocarpum McKenna & Berenbaum, 2003, J. Lep. Soc. 57 (1): 39

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