Viburnum L. Heidet Heisipuu Arrow-wood Viburnums Laurestinus
  • Viburnum (Viburnaceae); [GNSP]

Foodplants for Acleris rufana, Acytolepis puspa, Carcina quercana, Celastrina ladon, Comostola subtiliaria, Darapsa choerilus, D. myron, Dysaethria erasaria, D. moza, D. suisharyonis, Euphydryas aurinia, Eupoecilia ambiguella, Hemithea aestivaria, Janus luteipes, Metaxaglaea inulta, Ophiusa tirhaca, Phlyctaenia coronata, Polia nebulosa, Psilogramma menephron, Rapala manea, Thecla betulae

11.1.2003 (16)


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