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Sciota Hulst, 1888
Sciota Hulst, 1888; 115, TS: Sciota croceella Hulst
Denticera Amsel, 1961; Ark. Zool. (2) 13: 366, TS: Denticera sardzeella Amsel
= ; [GlobIZ]
Clasperopsis Roesler, 1969; 248, TS: Selagia nigerrimella Caradja
= ; [GlobIZ]
Apodentinodia Roesler, 1969; 252, TS: Dentinosa obscurella Caradja
= ; [GlobIZ]
Paranephopterix Roesler, 1969; 259, TS: Salebria barteli Caradja
= ; [GlobIZ]
Sciota (Phycitini) ; [GlobIZ]
Nephopterix; (nec Hübner, 1825)

Subgenus Ciliocerodes Amsel, 1961

Sciota coenulentella (Zeller, 1846)

Subgenus Clasperopsis Roesler, 1969

Sciota hartigi (Roesler, 1974)

fiSciota fumella (Eversmann, 1844)
Sciota fumella, Svenska fjärilar [SVF]
[fumella-1.jpg] 817x413 (~69Kb) Russia, Moscow area, 12.6.2010 (36°25'E, 56°00'N), Photo © D. Smirnov

fiSciota lucipetella (Jalava, 1978)

Subgenus Sciota Hulst, 1888

Sciota imperialella (Ragonot, 1887)

Sciota insignella (Mann, 1862)

Sciota ferruginella (Zerny, 1914)

fiSciota rhenella (Zincken, 1818)

Larva on Populus, P. alba, P. tremula

Sciota hostilis (Stephens, 1834)
Sciota hostilis, Svenska fjärilar [SVF]

Larva on Populus tremula

Subgenus Paranephopterix Roesler, 1969

fiSciota adelphella (Fischer von Röslerstamm, 1836)
Sciota adelphella, Svenska fjärilar [SVF]
Sciota adelphella, UK Moths [Ian Kimber]

Larva on Salix, Populus, P. alba

Sciota barteli (Caradja, 1910)

Subgenus Denticera Amsel, 1961

Sciota divisella (Duponchel, 1842)

8.9.2005 (12)

[D. Smirnov]
Russia, Moscow; e-mail: D. Smirnov
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[Ian Kimber]
Svenska fjärilar; Naturhistoriska riksmuseet; (Sweden)

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