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Oncocera Stephens, 1829
Oncocera Stephens, 1829; Nom. Br. Insects : 50, TS: Phalaena camella Linnaeus
Laodamia Ragonot, 1888; Nouv. gen. esp. Phycitidae Galleriidae : 22, TS: Pempelia faecella Zeller
= ; Whalley, 1970, Bull. Br. Mus. nat. Hist. (Ent.) 25 (2) : 55
Pollichia Roesler, 1980; 7, TS: Phalaena semirubella Scopoli
= ; [GlobIZ]
Laodamia (Phycitini) ; [GlobIZ]
Oncocera (Phycitini) ; [GlobIZ]

Subgenus Oncocera Stephens, 1829

fiOncocera semirubella (Scopoli, 1763)
?Salebria semirubella ab. intermediella Krulikowsky, 1908; Soc. Ent. 23 (3): 18, TL: Wiatka; Kasan
Oncocera semirubella, Svenska fjärilar [SVF]
Oncocera semirubella, Moths and Butterflies of Europe [MBE]
Oncocera semirubella, UK Moths [Ian Kimber]

Larva on Lotus corniculatus, Trifolium repens, Medicago sativa, Ononis

Subgenus Laodamia Ragonot, 1888

fiOncocera faecella (Zeller, 1839)
Pempelia faecella Zeller, 1839
Oncocera faecella, Svenska fjärilar [SVF]
Laodamia faecella ; [SPL, #2240]

Subgenus Alophia Ragonot, 1893

Oncocera combustella (Herrich-Schäffer, 1855)

14.11.2011 (3)

Global information system on pyraloidea; GlobIZ; Globales Informtationssystem Zünslerfalter; Note This information is not automatically synchronized with GlobIZ and can sometimes be lagging behind.
[Ian Kimber]
Moths and Butteflies of Europe; Paolo Mazzei, Diego Reggianti and Ilaria Pimpinelli; http://www.leps.it/
Varis, V. (Ed), Ahola, M., Albrecht, A., Jalava, J., Kaila, L., Kerppola, S., Kullberg, J., 1995; Sahlbergia Vol. 2:1-80, 1995; Checklist of Finnish Lepidoptera - Suomen perhosten luettelo; e-mail: Jaakko Kullberg; e-mail: Anders Albrecht; e-mail: Lauri Kaila
Svenska fjärilar; Naturhistoriska riksmuseet; (Sweden)

Some related literature:
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