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Riodinidae Grote, 1895

Much of the recent information here is based on papers published by [J. P. W. Hall], Willmott, Harvey and Lamas in various publications found from the referenced page. The neotropical section is arranged after [NL4A].

"Old World"
Tribe ?
Tribe Nemeobiini
Tribe Abisarini
Tribe Zemerini
Tribe ?
"New World"
Subfamily Euselasiinae
Tribe Euselasiini
Tribe Stygini
Tribe Corrachiini
Subfamily Riodininae
Tribe Mesosemiini Bates, 1859
Subtribe Mesosemiina
Subtribe Napaeina
Tribe Eurybiini Reuter, 1897
Tribe Riodinini Grote, 1895
Tribe Symmachiini Bates, 1859
Tribe Helicopini Reuter 1897
Tribe ?
Tribe Nymphidiini Bates, 1859
Subtribe Aricorina
Subtribe Lemoniadina
Subtribe Nymphidiina
Subtribe Theopina
Tribe Stalachtini

Unknown or unplaced taxa

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