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Lycaenidae Leach, 1815
Nopsasiivet, Kultasiivet, Sinisiivet Lycaenider Blues, Coppers, Hairstreaks
Lycaenidae, Lepidoptera collection [SZMN]
Lycaenidae, Butterflies and Moths of North America [BAMONA]
Lycaenidae, Norges Sommerfugler [NORLEP]
Lycaenidae (Papilionoidea) ; [NACL, 53]; [NL4A, 118]; van Nieukerken et al., 2011, Zootaxa 3148 : 216
Poritiinae — 732 spp.
Miletinae — 193 spp.
Curetinae — 18 spp.
fi Theclinae Nopsasiivet Hairstreaks Strong Blues — 2522 spp.
fi Lycaeninae Kultasiivet Coppers Asian Sapphires — 112 spp.
fi Polyommatinae Sinisiivet Blues Weak Blues — 1497 spp.

8.9.2013 (5074)

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Norges Sommerfugler
Lepidoptera; Siberian Zoological Museum

Some related literature:
van Nieukerken et al., 2011
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