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Paralethe van Son, 1955
Paralethe van Son, 1955; Transv. Mus. Mem. 8: 51, TS: Satyrus dendrophilus Trimen
Paralethe, NSG Voucher Specimen [Wahlberg]
Paralethe (Lethina) ;
Paralethe (Melanitini) ; [Wahlberg]; [AfrL]

Paralethe dendrophilus (Trimen, 1862)
S.Africa. See [About maps] Satyrus dendrophilus Trimen, 1862; Trans. ent. Soc. Lond. (3) 1 : 399
Paralethe dendrophilus, NSG Voucher Specimen [Wahlberg]
Paralethe dendrophilus ; [EBW]; [BOW: pl. 118, f. 11]; [AfrL]

Larva on Ehrharta erecta, Panicum deustrum, (other soft grasses) [PBSA]

E.Cape Paralethe dendrophilus dendrophilus ; [BAFR, 164 (text)]; [AfrL]
P. d. albina van Son, 1955
E.Cape (Pondoland), Natal Paralethe dendrophilus albina ; [BAFR, 164 (text)]; [AfrL]
P. d. indosa (Trimen, 1879)
coast (Natal, Zululand) Debis indosa Trimen, 1879; Trans. ent. Soc. Lond. 1879 (4) : 324, TL: S.Africa
Paralethe indosa ; [EBW, (name only)]
Paralethe dendrophilus indosa ; [BAFR, 164]; [AfrL]
P. d. junodi (van Son, 1935)
Transvaal Paralethe dendrophilus junodi ; [BAFR, 164 (text)]; [AfrL]

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