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Satyrinae Heinäperhoset Satyrider, Gräsfjärilar Graylings, Ringlets, Browns, Heaths

The higher classification here is not independent work, but is mostly based on Niklas Wahlberg's ongoing work, most recent alignment is based on November 2005 version. See [Wahlberg].

Tribe Haeterini
Tribe Melanitini
Tribe Elymniini Papurikot Browns, ...
Subtribe Lethina
Subtribe Zetherina
Subtribe Elymniina
Subtribe Mycalesina
Tribe Eritini
Tribe Ragadiini
Tribe Satyrini Heinäperhoset, Nokiperhoset, Kylmäperhoset Graylings, Ringlets
Subtribe Coenonymphina Niittyperhoset Heaths
Subtribe Dirina
Subtribe Erebiina
Subtribe Euptychiina
Subtribe ?
Subtribe Hypocystina
Subtribe Maniolina Häränsilmat, Tesmaperhonen Meadow Browns, Ringlet
Subtribe Melanargiina Ruutuperhoset Marbled Whites
Subtribe Pronophilina
Subtribe Satyrina
Subtribe ?
Tribe ?

Unknown or unplaced taxa

9.1.2015 (2289)


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