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Mallika Collins & Larsen, 1991
Mallika Collins & Larsen, 1991; in Larsen, The butterflies of Kenya and their natural history: 443, TS: Kallima jacksoni Sharpe
Mallika, NSG Voucher Specimen [Wahlberg]
Mallika (Kallimini) ; [Wahlberg]; [AfrL]

Mallika jacksoni (Sharpe, 1896)
S.Sudan, Uganda - W.Kenya - NE.Zaire. See [About maps] Jackson's Leaf Butterfly
Kallima jacksoni Sharpe, 1896
Mallika jacksoni; [BK, 352, pl. 50]
Mallika jacksoni, NSG Voucher Specimen [Wahlberg]
Catacroptera jacksoni ; Shir˘zu & Nakanishi, 1984, Ty˘ to Ga 34 (3) : 107
Kallima jacksoni ; [EBW]; [BOW: pl. 104, f. 13]; [BAFR, 214]
Mallika jacksoni ; [AfrL]

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Some related literature:
Shir˘zu & Nakanishi, 1984
A revision of the genus Kallima Doubleday (Lepidoptera; Nymphalidae) Ty˘ to Ga 34 (3) : 97-110

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