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Carsia Hübner, 1825
Celma Stephens, 1831
= ; [NACL, 106]
Carsia (Lobophorini) ; [NACL, 106]
Carsia (Chesiadini) ; [FE]

fiCarsia sororiata (Hübner, 1813)
NEU, CEU, Urals, Siberia, Far East, N.Mongolia, from (Alaska - Newfoundland) - New Hampshire. See [About maps] Rämeokamittari Manchester Treble-bar
paludata (Thunberg, 1788); (preocc. Linnaeus, 1767)
= ; [NACL, #7626]
imbutata (Hübner, 1809-13)
= ; [NACL, #7626]
imbutaria (Boisduval, 1840)
= ; [NACL, #7626]
Anaitis paludata v. (ab.?) obscurata Schöyen, 1881; Ent. Tidskr. 2 (3) : 122, pl. 1, f. 5
Carsia sororiata, Moth Photographers Group [MPG]
Carsia sororiata, Larvae of North-European Lepidoptera [Kimmo Silvonen]
Carsia sororiata, Svenska fjärilar [SVF]
Carsia sororiata ; [NACL, #7626 (extralim.)]; Beljaev & Vasilenko, 2002, Ent. Fennica 13 (4): 230
[sororiata-1.jpg] 900x696 (~89Kb) Finland, Kn: Paltamo 714:55, ex.l 7.1991, Photo 27.5.1991 © Kimmo Silvonen [sororiata.jpg] 280x284 (~17Kb)

Larva on Vaccinium, V. uliginosum, V. oxycoccos, Rubus arcticus [SPRK]

C. s. alpinata Packard, 1873
Carsia boreata Packard, 1873
= ; [NACL, #7626a]
Carsia sororiata alpinata ; [NACL, #7626a]
C. s. labradoriensis (Sommer, 1897)
Carsia sororiata labradoriensis ; [NACL, #7626b]
C. s. thaxteri Swett, 1917
Carsia sororiata thaxteri ; [NACL, #7626c]
C. s. columbia McDunnough, 1939
Carsia sororiata columbia ; [NACL, #7626d]

Carsia perpetuata (Lederer, 1870)
Ortholitha caucasica Niesiolowski, 1937

Carsia lythoxylata (Hübner, 1799)
CEU. See [About maps]
C. l. christophi (Prout, 1938)
Caucasus, Georgia, Armenia

15.4.2010 (3)

[About maps]
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Fauna Europaea; Fauna Europaea
[Kimmo Silvonen]
Espoo, Finland; Kimmo's Lep Site
North American Moth Photographers Group
Hodges, 1983; Check List of the Lepidoptera of America North of Mexico
Seppänen, E. J, 1970; Suomen suurperhostoukkien ravintokasvit, Animalia Fennica 14
Svenska fjärilar; Naturhistoriska riksmuseet; (Sweden)

Some related literature:
Beljaev & Vasilenko, 2002
An annotated checklist of geometrid moths (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) from the Kamchatka Peninsula and adjacent islands Ent. Fennica 13 (4): 195-235
Schöyen, 1881
Ueber einige neue Schmetterlings-varietäten aus dem arktischen Norwegen af W. M. Schöyen Ent. Tidskr. 2 (3) : 119-124

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