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Geometrinae Vihermittarit

The "tribe"-divisions here are total guesswork and combining various sources with some imagination from my part. DO NOT ASSUME THIS HAS ANY REAL TAXONOMIC STATUS! -- msa

Tribe Aracimini
Tribe Pseudoterpnini
Tribe Timandromorphini
Tribe Neohipparchini
Tribe Geometrini
Tribe Nemoriini
Tribe ?Rhomboristini
Tribe Dichordophorini
Tribe Synchlorini
Tribe Lophochoristini Ferguson, 1969
Tribe Comibaenini
Tribe Hemitheini Bruand, 1846
Tribe Comostolini
Tribe ?
Tribe Thalerini
Tribe Hemistolini
Tribe Hierochthoniini
Tribe Jodiini
Tribe Heliotheini
Tribe Microloxiini
Tribe Dysphaniini
Tribe ?

Unknown or unplaced taxa

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