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Peribatodes Wehrli, 1943
Peribatodes (Boarmiini) ; [FE]

fiPeribatodes rhomboidaria (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775)
Willow Beauty
gemmaria (Brahm, 1791)
Peribatodes rhomboidaria, Larvae of North-European Lepidoptera [Kimmo Silvonen]
Peribatodes rhomboidaria, Svenska fjärilar [SVF]
Peribatodes rhomboidaria, Moths and Butterflies of Europe [MBE]
Peribatodes rhomboidaria, UK Moths [Ian Kimber]
[rhomboidaria-m.jpg] 900x589 (~124Kb) male Switzerland, Tessin Locarno L.Magg., ex.o. 20.9.1990 Michael Leipnitz, Photo 18.11.1990 © Kimmo Silvonen

Larva on (Non Finnish) Clematis, Prunus spinosa, Ligustrum

Peribatodes dragone Laever & Parenzan, 1985

Peribatodes prosalaria (Millière, 1885)
SWEU. See [About maps]

Peribatodes subflavaria (Millière, 1876)
SWEU. See [About maps]

Peribatodes abstersaria (Boisduval, 1840)

Peribatodes buxicolaria (Mabille, 1873)
SWEU. See [About maps]

Peribatodes perversaria (Boisduval, 1840)
[perversaria-m.jpg] 900x542 (~89Kb) male Schweiz, Wallis Visp-Eggersberg, ex.o. 1994 Erich Loser, Photo 6.6.1995 © Kimmo Silvonen

Peribatodes umbraria (Hübner, 1809)
Peribatodes umbraria, Moths and Butterflies of Europe [MBE]
P. u. syriaca Wehrli, 1943

fiPeribatodes secundaria (Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775)
Peribatodes secundaria, Larvae of North-European Lepidoptera [Kimmo Silvonen]
Peribatodes secundaria, Svenska fjärilar [SVF]
Peribatodes secundaria, Moths and Butterflies of Europe [MBE]
[secundaria-m.jpg] 900x527 (~112Kb) male Finland, A: Lemland, Västeränga, 667:11, ex.o. 28.7.1993 Harry Lonka, Photo 9.10.1993 © Kimmo Silvonen

Larva on (Non Finnish) Picea, Pinus

Peribatodes powelli (Oberthür, 1913)
Spain. See [About maps]

Peribatodes correptaria (Zeller, 1847)
[correptaria-f.jpg] 900x627 (~122Kb) female E.Crete Ag. Nikolaos/Bucht Istron, ex.o. 5.1993 Michael Leipnitz, Photo 29.5.1994 © Kimmo Silvonen

Peribatodes ilicaria (Geyer, 1833)
SEU, CEU. See [About maps] Peribatodes ilicaria, Larvae of North-European Lepidoptera [Kimmo Silvonen]

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Fauna Europaea; Fauna Europaea
[Ian Kimber]
[Kimmo Silvonen]
Espoo, Finland; Kimmo's Lep Site
Moths and Butteflies of Europe; Paolo Mazzei, Diego Reggianti and Ilaria Pimpinelli; http://www.leps.it/
Svenska fjärilar; Naturhistoriska riksmuseet; (Sweden)

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