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Bupalus Leach, 1815
Bupalus (Bupalini) ; [FE]

Bupalus vestalis Staudinger, 1897

fiBupalus piniarius (Linnaeus, 1758)
Mäntymittari Bordered White Kiefernspanner
piniaria (Linnaeus, 1758)
Bupalus piniarius ab. ♀ fuscantaria Krulikowsky, 1908; Soc. Ent. 23 (2): 12, TL: Wiatka; Kasan
[piniarius-1m.jpg] 933x639 (~90Kb) male Littleborough, England, 13.6.1998, Photo © Ian Kimber [piniarius.jpg] 360x388 (~26Kb)

Larva on Pinus silvestris, Picea abies? [SPRK]

14.11.2011 (2)

Fauna Europaea; Fauna Europaea
[Ian Kimber]
Seppänen, E. J, 1970; Suomen suurperhostoukkien ravintokasvit, Animalia Fennica 14

Some related literature:
Krulikowsky, 1908
Einige neue Varietäten und Aberrationen der Lepidopteren des östlichen Russlands Soc. Ent. 23 (1): 2-3, (2): 11-12, (3): 18

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