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Latest update: 8 Mar 2000

These pages are maintained by:
Veikko Mäkelä, Veikko.Makela@ursa.fi
Mika Pirttivaara, Mika.Pirttivaara@ursa.fi






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The Finnish Amateur Astronomy homepage is supposed to be a directory service for Finnish astronomy webpages. There are links not only on amateur astronomy, but also on science, space technology and education of astronomy.

The purpose of The Finnish Amateur Astronomy homepage is not to be a wide collection of international astronomy links, although there are the most important pointers to worldwide astronomy resources in the section Links and databases.

The English section of these pages tries to collect all the material in the Finnish astronomy resources given in English. The amount is, of course, much fewer than in the native language.


The early history of The Finnish Amateur Astronomy homepage begans somewhere in the late summer 1994, on the time when Internet and WWW where known mainly in the academic world. The exact founding time have unfortunately disappered under the old layers of bits.

These pages have undergone few renewals as well in the contents as in the layout. The former changes have done in October 1996 and February 1997. In the spring 1999 began maybe the most remarkable process, when the layout of the pages changed, many new sections created and many filenames of the pages changed.

The opening of teh own WWW server of Ursa Astronomical Association took a lot of the administration time for The Finnish Amateur Astronomy homepage. But Ursa pages also increased dramatically the number of the Finnish astronomy material in the WWW.

During all these big changes we have tried to keep these pages readable for the most web browsers. Some newer HTML features have been added, but very carefully.


The Finnish Amateur Astronomy homepage is a private project. It is not maintained by any society or institution, eg. Ursa Astronomical Association of the FUNET project.

The founder of The Finnish Amateur Astronomy homepage is Veikko Mäkelä. He works as a system analyst in the University of Helsinki and is an active amateur astronomer and a member of Ursa. Mäkelä's special interests have been the possibilities of electronical communication in amateur astronomy. He is at moment the leader of the mathematics and information technology section in Ursa.

Mika Pirttivaara came as co-administrator in spring 1999, when the biggest renewal of The Finnish Amateur Astronomy homepage began. He is studying geophysics in Helsinki University of Technology. He is the leader of the astrophotography section in Ursa. Mika have collected a large astronomy link collection into his homepage.

The Finnish Amateur Astronomy homepage is located on WWW server of FUNET (Finnish University and Research Network), which is the network service of Center for Scientific Computing. These pages are located in the same place with the large astronomy file archive.