Rapala Moore, [1881] Flashes

Larva on Anidesma , Ziziphus xylopyrus, Lantana camara, Elaeagnus ferruginea, Quisqualis , Acacia caesia, Astilbe rivularis, ;


Unmatched external taxa

Unknown or unplaced taxa

  • Rapala schistacea beluta; [CoL]

  • Rapala tetsuzana; [CoL]

  • Rapala sankakuhonis; [CoL]

  • Rapala rogersi Swinhoe, 1911; in Moore, Lepidoptera Indica 9: 47, pl. 715, f. 2, 2a-b; TL: Nicobar I.
  • Rapala rogersi; [CoL]

  • Rapala metajarbas; [CoL]

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