scim-devel: Smart Common Input Method platform

Name:scim-devel Vendor:Scientific Linux
Version:1.4.4 License:LGPL
Release:41.el5 URL:
The scim-devel package includes the header files for the scim package. Install scim-devel if you want to develop programs which will use scim.

Arch: i386

Build Date:Wed Jun 4 16:47:11 2008
Size:521 KiB


* Wed May 7 17:00:00 2008 Huang Peng <phuang{%}redhat{*}com> - 1.4.4-41.el5
- updated initial-locale-hotkey-186861.patch to fix null hotkey system 
  config overridden by hardcoded defaults. (#244761)
* Thu Dec 13 16:00:00 2007 Huang Peng <phuang{%}redhat{*}com> - 1.4.4-40.el5
- fix scim-panel-gtk segfault when shutdown system. (#246129)
* Fri Dec 1 16:00:00 2006 Jens Petersen <petersen{%}redhat{*}com> - 1.4.4-39.el5
- fix scim-1.4.4-gtkimm-key-snooper-off-213796.patch to a more complete working
  backport from cvs (#214128)

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