k3b-extras: Additional codec plugins for the k3b CD/DVD burning application

Name:k3b-extras Vendor:Scientific Linux
Version:0.12.17 License:GPL URL:
Additional decoder/encoder plugins for k3b, a feature-rich and easy to handle CD/DVD burning application.

Arch: i386
Build Date:Fri Apr 13 16:01:18 2007
Size:138 KiB


* Fri Apr 13 19:00:00 2007 Troy Dawson <dawson{%}fnal{*}gov>
- took out ffmpeg because I didn't want the dependancies it pulls in
* Mon Dec 18 18:00:00 2006 Rex Dieter <rexdieter[AT]> 0.12.17-3
- respin for new ffmpeg
* Fri Oct 6 19:00:00 2006 Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora [AT] leemhuis [DOT] info> 0.12.17-2
- rebuilt for unwind info generation, broken in gcc-4.1.1-21

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