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Editing HTML with Kate

Kate is a generic, lightweight editor for KDE desktop environment.

Kate offers:
  • Edit all kinds of text files even I they are BIG (i.e. open a 50MB file in a few seconds).
  • Powerful syntax highlighting engine, extensible via xml files.
  • Dynamic Word Wrap - long lines are wrapped at the window border on the fly for better overview.
  • Multiple views allows you to view more instances of the same document and/or more documents at one time.
  • User can choose the encoding he wants for each file at save/open dialog.
  • Sidebars displays a list of open documents, a directory viewer with a directory chooser, a filter chooser and more.
  • A plugin interface to allow third party plugins.
  • A "Filter" command allows you to run selected text through a shell command.
  • Global grep dialog
  • Automatic indentation
  • Commenting and uncommenting HMTL blocks
  • Scripting


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