Rome February 16-21th 2000

On February 17th, in the Year of the Lord 1600, the reduced and suffering philosopher and former monk Giordano Bruno is escorted by guards to the square of Campo dei Fiori in Rome. A group of monks accompanying him are singing chants, advising the heretic to repent. Before the philosopher is tied to the stake, a monk offers him a crucifix to be kissed. He turns his head away, repulsed. While the cantors are singing their heavenly chants, the philosopher is stripped naked, tied to the stake, and burned alive.

400 years later, on February 17th, in the Year of the Lord 2000, the ''Jubilee'' year of the Christian Church, the reduced and broken philosopher is again escorted to Campo dei Fiori, the Field of Flowers. In the center of the square now stands a 10-meter statue of himself, looking accusingly towards the Vatican. This time, he arrives there as a spirit, in the minds of the representatives of the Age of Reason who honour him as a martyr of the free thought.
This time, instead of the scorching fire, a chilly morning rain flushes his iron shoulders. He stands there alone, in the Field of Flowers, his persecutors long gone. The christian fathers, with all their feeble prayers and the torturing flames, were unable to send his soul to their fictional Hell. Instead, it found an eternal life on earth, in the long memory of humanity.

In semi-chronological order:

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