Florida trip '99

This is a story about my trip to Florida in July, 1999. The plan was to
  1. first to go to Miami, meet Robert Connolly
  2. perhaps go to see the Everglades national park (plan abandoned)
  3. go to the Keys islands with Ian Sacs and his finnish wife Susanna
  4. go to Orlando to GECCO'99 (Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference), where I was supposed to present a poster paper
  5. after that possibly to the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, and perhaps to Disney World or Universal Studios in Orlando (plan abandoned)

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All the pictures here are © Copyright by Marko Grönroos, 1999. All rights reserved.

  • Miami
    • Going to Miami
    • At Miami
    • Bearcut park at Key Biscayne
  • Key West
    • The Keys and Key West
    • Snorkling at the coral reefs
    • Coming back
  • Orlando - NOT YET FINISHED
    • Going to Orlando
    • At Orlando
    • Coming back to Finland

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