Székesfehérvár, wednesday August 11th

So, we came back from watching the solar eclipse, and the day was still quite young. Most of the people went to a very expensive dinner (31 EUR).

I went to walk around the city.

I tried using the bottle-in-a-wet-sock technique to cool my Pepsi bottle, and it worked quite well. But then I found a park with a strange fountain: it spouted mineral water. There were lots of local people coming there and filling lots of bottles. I decided to take some water with me too, so I emptied the much too sweet Pepsi bottle to the ground...

In the evening, there was a "street dance", and an amusement park at "Tesco", a place some 3km away from our hotel. It was rather boring there, despite of the nice views and fireworks.

Thursday August 12th

Next day I went first to a bank to change my expired 5000-florint bill to a new one...

Then I met Matti and Mika Aarnio (from Turku too) and Suhonen and went with them to walk around the city again.

There was this map on one wall. I deduced that it's a map of Hungarian queens or princesses sent to and received from other kingdoms around Europe.

Lots of churches of Worshippers of Agony in the city. Here is an example of a very crooked scapegoat.

There was this funny eco-playground. Really cool. Someone definitely SHOULD build similar in Finland! It was apparently in front of a school. On top of the school was an observatory, directed to south - the direction of the eclipse yesterday.

We found some pictures of the solar eclipse from local photography shops, and sent postcards to Finland.

After that we went to eat in a local restaurant. There were lots of finns in there from the Ursa group - apparently someone had recommended the place to everyone...

We got a little hurry to go to a supermarket to buy wine to take back to Finland. Then we went back to the hotel, where many of the people were already waiting.

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