Coming back to Finland, thursday August 12th

In the evening of the 12th day, we went back to the Budapest airport.

We had to wait there for some time. There were about 6 big and EMPTY planes leaving to Helsinki-Vantaa in 5-minute intervals, to get Formula-spectators (the Formula races started in Budapest on 13th day).

Very strange: no entry tube directly to the plane. The noise was horrible.

The plane was half-empty. I asked from a steward if I could use my videocamera during the flight. He said it was ok. And also for the takeoff!!! I think the plane was a Russian-made Tupolev, so it might have been wire-controlled, or otherwise very robust to electrical disturbances. Great.

Well, not really so great, because it was really cold in the plane. The locking mechanism of my seat was also broken: the seat bent freely back at the takeoff... Really safe. Malev. I must remember that name... The food was as horrible as in the first flight.

But, here is Budapest from the air:

And below is Helsinki. I held a blanket around me and the window to prevent reflections. As can be seen, Helsinki was a bit better lighted, although it wasn't even near as big as Budapest, which is a 1.8-million-people city.

I took a bus to Turku, and I was back there at about 05:45 in friday (August 13th) morning.

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