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Books related to the Hutchison Effect

The Hunt for Zero Point by Nick Cook

Nick Cook. The Hunt for Zero Point. Century Science: general issues • Publication date: 30th August, 2001 • 324 pages • 242x162mm • ISBN: 0712669531

Author biography (from book sleeve). For the past fourteen years, Nick Cook has been Aviation Editor of, and Aerospace Consultant to, Jane's Defense Weekly, the world's leading military affairs journal. He is also Industry/Defense Editor of Interavia, the respected aerospace trade publication, and has written extensively for UK national newspapers including The Times, Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph and the Financial Times. Many of his stories have also been syndicated worldwide. The Hunt for Zero Point is the culmination of a ten year investigation into an uncharted technological phenomenon. He travels frequently, but lives and works in London.

The Poltergeist Machine

Albert Budden. The Poltergeist Machine: The Hutchison Effect-A Lift and Disruption System. Discovery Times Press. Published 1996. Note from the web site editor: I am trying to locate this publisher, as well as a copy of the book - please use the link at the bottom of this page if you can assist in this matter.

An article by the same author regarding the Hutchison Effect appears in NEXUS Magazine, Volume 4, #1 (Dec '96 - Jan 1997). See The Poltergeist Machine. "Poltergeist effects may be as much the result of electromagnetic anomalies as the workings of mischievous discarnate spirits, as inventor John Hutchison has been able to demonstrate in his laboratory."

Author biography (from the above article in NEXUS Magazine). Albert Budden, B.Ed., is an investigator specialising in the scientific study of the paranormal as well as electromagnetics and health. He is the author of several books, including Allergies and Aliens: The Visitation Experience-An Environmental Health Issue (Discovery Times Press, 1994), UFOs: Psychic Close Encounters- The Electromagnetic Indictment (Blandford, 1995), and The Poltergeist Machine: The Hutchison Effect-A Lift and Disruption System (Discovery Times Press, 1996). He is a member of the Environmental Medicine Foundation.

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