All (in this database) Other insects Photolist (with English common names)

Dragonflies - Odonata (Insecta)

Ephemeroptera (Insecta)

Stoneflies - Plecoptera (Insecta)

Caddisflies - Trichoptera (Insecta)

Grasshoppers, Crickets, etc - Orthoptera (Insecta)

True bugs - Heteroptera (Insecta)

Homoptera (Insecta)

Neuroptera (Insecta)

Megaloptera (Insecta)

Mecoptera (Insecta)

Psocoptera (Insecta)

Thysanura (Insecta)

Dermaptera (Insecta)

Dictyoptera (Insecta)

Hymenoptera (Insecta)

Thysanoptera (Insecta)

Collembola (Insecta)

Anoplura (Insecta)

[Gabriel Alziar]

Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle; 60 boulevard Risso; F-06300 Nice (France)
[Harri Arkkio]

Finland; For the time being these pictures are only for this site. Other usage not allowed.
[Ari Laitio]
[Vitaly Charny]

Birmingham, Alabama, USA
[Aarno Junkkari]

e-mail: Aarno Junkkari
[D. Smirnov]

Russia, Moscow; e-mail: D. Smirnov
[Hannu Tanner]

Hannu Tanner, Siuntio, Finland; e-mail: Hannu Tanner;
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[Jonathan P. Tyler]

Botanical Illustrator;
[Dale Hudjik]

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[Leif Wahlberg]

Julita, Sweden; e-mail: Leif Wahlberg
[Eric Josephson]

[Tero Piirainen]
Tampere, Finland
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[Haltrich Attila]
Dr. Haltrich Attila
associate professor; St. Stephen University ; Faculty of Horticulture Science; Department of Entomology; H-1118 Budapest, Menesi ut 44; T/F: 00.36-1/3.720.125; e-mail: Haltrich Attila
[Erich Mangl]
[Johannes Skaftason]

Iceland; e-mail: Johannes Skaftason
[Marek Michalski]
Lodz, Poland
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[Timo Viitanen]
[Olli Vesikko]

Markku Savela