Foodplants for Baoris farri, Caltoris bromus, C. brunnea caere, Dasyophthalma rusina, Discophora timora, Dodona durga, Eryphanis automedon, E. reevesii, Iambrix salsala, Lethe europa, L. vindhya, Melanitis leda, M. phedima, Mycalesis francisca, M. gotama nanda, Narope cyllastros, N. testacea, Opoptera syme, Pantana visum, Parnara, P. bada, Pelopidas conjuncta conjuncta, Potanthus confucius, Rivula aequalis, R. sericealis, Ypthima norma

Unmatched external taxa

22.10.2000 (1)


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