Bryophyta Sammalet Mosses

Foodplants for Chionodes distinctella?, Eudalaca rufescens, Hypenodes humidalis, Korscheltellus gracilis, Phymatopus hecta, Sinarella aegrota, S. japonica, S. punctalis

Koponen, T., Karttunen, K. & Piippo, S. 1995. Suomen vesisammalkasvio. Aquatic bryophytes of Finland. Bryobrothera 3: 1-86.

Nyholm, E. (ed.). Illustrated flora of Nordic mosses. Fasc. 1-3. Nordic Bryological Society, Copenhagen and Lund.

Text content of these pages are based on somewhat older publication:

Koponen, T., Isoviita, P. & Lammes, T.. The bryophytes of Finland: An annotated checklist. Flora Fennica 6: 1-77.

Group Hepaticophytina Maksasammalet
Group Bryophytina Lehtisammalet

[sp-1.jpg] 560x803 (~81Kb) FINLAND, Ab: Suomusjärvi, 669:31, 26.4.1998, Photo © Markku Savela

The exact identification of this species is still unknown, but tentatively assumed to belong into this group.

23.4.1998 (849)


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