Cyana Walker, 1854
The peregrina species-group
The puer species-group
  • group Puer (Cyana); Singh, Bhattacharyya, Volynkin & Chandra, 2019, Zootaxa 4603 (2): 366
The insularis species-group
The malayana species-group
The geminipuncta species-group
The dohertyi species-group
The ? species-group
Subgenus Isine
Subgenus Frankmuelleria
Subgenus Oblocutora
Subgenus Australisine
Subgenus Clerckia
Subgenus Sphragidium
Subgenus Exotrocha
Subgenus Doliche
Subgenus Volitivulpecula
The natalensis species-group
Subgenus Gigantovulpecula
Subgenus Comorocyana
Subgenus Cornutivulpecula
Subgenus Idiovulpecula
  • Subgenus Idiovulpecula (Cyana); Volynkin & László, 2019, Zootaxa 4664 (3): 382
Subgenus Caudovulpecula
Subgenus Strigivulpecula
Subgenus Bizone
Subgenus Tomea
Subgenus Chionaema
Subgenus Cyana
Subgenus Paravulpeculella
Subgenus Vulpeculella
Subgenus Louisia
Subgenus Cyabarda

Unknown or unplaced taxa

  • Chionaema rubristriga var.? ealicola ??Strand

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