Sarcophaga Meigen, 1826
Subgenus Bellieriomima Rohdendorf, 1937
Subgenus Discacheata Enderlein, 1928
  • Discacheata (Sarcophaga); [FiDip]
Subgenus Helicophagella Enderlein, 1928
Subgenus Heteronychia Brauer & Bergenstamm, 1889
Subgenus Mehria Enderlein, 1928
Subgenus Liosarcophaga Enderlein, 1928
Subgenus Myorhina Robineau-Desvoidy, 1830
  • Pierretia Robineau-Desvoidy, 1863
Subgenus Pandelleisca Rohdendorf, 1937
  • Pandelleisca (Sarcophaga); [FiDip]
  • Sarcophaga (Pandelleisca); [CoL]
Subgenus Parasarcophaga Johnston & Tiegs, 1921
Subgenus Robineauella Enderlein, 1928
Subgenus Rosellea Rohdendorf, 1937
Subgenus Sarcophaga
Subgenus Sarcotachinella Townsend, 1892
  • Sarcophaga (Sarcotachinella); [CoL]
  • Sarcotachinella; [iNaturalist]
  • Sarcotachinella (Sarcophaga); [FiDip]
Subgenus Thyrsocnema Enderlein, 1928

Unmatched external taxa

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