Switzerland - NStCM - Nyon - St Cergue - La Cure

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NStCM railway is a small narrow gauge local railway linking the station of Nyon by the SBB main line between Lausanne and Genève to the towns of St Cergue and La Cure climbing up from lake Geneva (Lac Leman) to the mountain hills of the Jura mountain chain. The line is built in metre gauge and it is 26,7 km long. It used to run all the way to Morez in France and that explains why the official shorthand name NStCM has the letter M at the end of it. But the part from La Cure at the Swiss/French border to Morez was closed in 1958. The line is electrified with the somewhat exotic voltage system of 2200 V DC. This wagon is an unmotorised driving trailer / driver's cab coach from 1986.
Picture from Nyon 26.1.2003 by Ilkka Siissalo.


The same driving trailer Bt 305 as shown above, but now seen from the other side.
Picture from Nyon 26.1.2003 by Ilkka Siissalo.


A four coaches long, full-packed train has climbed down from the Jura mountain sides and their winter ski resorts and has here reached the town of Nyon, where the NStCM trains run just like regular trams, except that there is just one track of rails. This first coach was the Be 4/4 no.202. It was built by ACMV and BBC in 1985. This motorwagon has 40 seats, which on a day like this wasn't even nearly enough.
Picture from Nyon 26.1.2003 by Ilkka Siissalo.


A four coaches long train looks quite long, but it still has altogether just 40+52+24+52 = 168 seats. That is not much during a busy winter season weekend. These trains were built in 1985-86.
Picture from Nyon 26.1.2003 by Ilkka Siissalo.


The new laws regarding accessibility demand for example that in every train, bus or similar there has to be a way for people who have disabilities to get on and off the train by themselves. In practise this means that every train needs to have at least a small low-floor section. This was not the case with the 1980s trains shown above. NStCM was forced to order new rolling stock. NStCM bought from Stadler first two new trains of this type ABe 4/8 and they were delivered in 2015. Later NStCM signed a deal with Stadler ordering six more similar new trains which are intended to be delivered 2021-22. After that all traffic on the NStCM railway will be run with these new low-floor trains. This is a picture of one of these new ABe 4/8 trains. The picture is republished from the French language Wikipedia. The original publisher was Wikipedia user "Albins" who took this picture 12.9.2019. The picture is licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 licence.
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