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Städtische Verkehrsbetriebe Bern (SVB), alo known by its marketing name BernMobil, is the city's institution which takes care of the city of Bern's trams and city buses. BernMobil operates a tram network with meter gauge rails and 600V DC electric systems. 36 of the trams in use are various versions of Siemens' Combino tram models. All the trams and city buses used to be olive green with creme coloured window sides, but in the beginning of the new century, all the new trams and buses were painted bright red. Many people did not like the old olive green colouring, but said it was not olive green, but army tank green.

This tram is one of the second generation Siemens Combino trams. It is a Combino Advanced Be 4/6 from the years 2002 to 2004. In the background the famous clock tower Zytglogge.
Picture from Bern Zytglogge 30.12.2019 by Stefano Bressanelli.


An old tram of Bern, one of the Ce 4/4 trams, no. 647, converted into a restaurant tram that can be rented. It carries still the traditional olive green colours of trams of Bern. Picture from the area called Wankdorf in Bern, 1.12.2002 by Ilkka Siissalo.


The classic colour of Bern's trams and buses was olive green, with some creme on the upperparts. This tram no.721 belongs to the Be 4/8 model. They were built by Ateliers de Constructions Mécaniques de Vevey, Düwag and ABB 1989-90. There were originally 12 of them.
Picture by Ilkka Siissalo 20.10.2001.


A similar Be 4/8 no.724, this time without a trailer wagon.
Picture from near the Bern main station by Ilkka Siissalo 18.7.1999.


A bidirectional Be 4/10 tram no.738. This was modified from one of the Be 4/8 models shown above.
Picture from near Bern main station by Ilkka Siissalo 18.7.1999.

RBS G-Bähnli


For a long time the tram line G was a very specific tram of Bern. These trams were not owned by the Bern city's Stadtverkehrsbetriebe like the normal trams, but the line G trams were owned and operated by RBS, Regionalbahn Bern-Solothurn, a narrow gauge train operator. These trams were quite specific too. They had two front parts of a "Tram 2000" tram of Zürich with a long doorless middle section. The tram front parts had doors on both sides so that the trams were bidirectional. Later the company Stadler elongated these trams with yet another section in the middle. The tram line G used to run from Worb Dorf to Zytglogge in the Bern city centre. In 2010 the line was integrated into the normal Bern tram services and it became line no.6. It was also elongated from Zytglogge on to Fischermätteli so that the line now rund right through the city center. Here we still see the line G tram as it used to be for such a long time.
Picture from Worb Dorf 20.10.2001 by Ilkka Siissalo.


The same line G tram as above, but now seen from its other end. These were peculiar looking trams with two fronts and no back part at all.
Picture from Worb Dorf 20.10.2001 by Ilkka Siissalo.
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