Russia - Diesel locomotives

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A 2M62U double diesel locomotive in front of a coal train at Braniewo, at the border between Poland and the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad. The locomotive belongs to the Russian Kaliningrad Railways. Picture 4.4.2017 by Ilkka Siissalo.


An old M62 engine at the yard of Petrozavodsk (Petroskoi) station. This one is still in the traditional communist time colours. Picture 11.7.2015 by Timo Varshukov.


A 2TE116 double locomotive of the private company Transoil pulling a long crude oil train at J├Áhvi, Estonia. Transoil is a Russian private company established in St. Petersburg in 2003. Picture 6.12.2007 by Ilkka Siissalo.


This is a class TEP70BS locomotive. It is a heavy passenger train machine, a further development of the famous TEP70.
Picture from Izhevsk 25.11.2018 by Markku Salo.


An older RZD TEP70 is seen here bringing a Finnish train over the border to Finland.
Picture from the Finnish-Russian border station of Vainikkala 27.8.2009 by Ilkka Siissalo.


A class ChME3 heavy shunter is bringing coaches of a night train to the platform.
Picture from Izhevsk 26.11.2018 by Markku Salo.


A small industrial diesel locomotive of the Russian type TGM23V at a factory area, where a Finnish built old factory still operates. It looks very old, but these machines were actually built only 1980-85. It's a further developed model of the earlier TGM23 type which has been in use since the early 1970s.
Picture from Sumerla, Impilahti, formerly Finland, now part of Russian Carelian Republic. Picture by Ilkka Siissalo 30.5.2008.

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