A typical modern regional train in Norway nowadays, this is a Swiss Stadler built third generation FLIRT at Kongsvinger station 30.6.2016. Photo by Ilkka Siissalo

FUNET railway pictures archive - Norway

Norway is a very long country with very difficult terrain. Train lines are few and train traffic is often scarce, except for the region around capital city Oslo in the south. The most important long distance rail lines are the ones from Oslo to Göteborg in Sweden and from Oslo to Stavanger, Bergen and Trondheim, and these are all electrified lines. But then the very impressive line to the very north, Trondheim - Mo i Rana - Bodø is still diesel driven. Like in many other European countries, the cargo part of the former state rail monopoly NSB, Norske Statsbaner, operates nowadays as a separate company under the name CargoNet. Passenger traffic is still today firmly in the hands of NSB, but apparently this also will change in recent future. CargoNet has already a number of private competitors in cargo traffic.

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This is the most modern electric locomotive of Norway, NSB's class El18. They are built by ADtranz in Switzerland and are practically identical to the Swiss class Re460 and the Finnish class Sr2.
Picture from Flåm 2.7.2016 by Ilkka Siissalo.

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