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Trenord is a joint venture company, where the Italian state railways' part operating in the very north of the country and a local private train company Ferrovie Nord Milano FNM were fusioned to form what today is called Trenord. It operates in Lombardia (Lombardy), just south of the Swiss border.

This regional express train in Trenord's new livery is a former Trenitalia train consisting of local commuter coaches and a locomotive of the class E.464. It is here performing a regional train service from Domodossola to Milano.
Picture from Domodossola in December 2018 by Stefano Bressanelli.


In some cases the joint venture Trenord uses mixed equipment. Here an electric locomotive E.464 has a five coaches long set of doubledecker coaches in Trenitalia's colours but serving a Trenord line.
Picture from Milano Centrale 7.7.2019 by Ilkka Siissalo.


Another regional Trenord train, this time with an E464 locomotive and older local traffic coaches.
Picture from Como San Giovanni station in June 2020 by Stefano Bressanelli.


Trenord operates frequent regional passenger traffic in several directions from Milano. This one is from the Milano to Como line, where all the trains still in the summer of 2019 were doubledeckers built by the former Fiat Ansaldobreda factory. This one is a so called TSR train. They were built by Ansaldobreda, Firema and Keller from 2006 onwards. Three, four, five and six coaches long trainsets exist. It is intended for local and regional traffic under 3 kV DC only. Top speed is 140 km/h.
Picture from Como Citta station 6.7.2019 by Ilkka Siissalo.


This R6 094 is otherwise similar with the train shown above, but the train marked R3 is three coaches long and this R6 train is a six coaches long version of the same TRS model.
Picture from Como Citta station 6.7.2019 by Ilkka Siissalo.


This Ale 426 train is also known as Treno ad alta frequentazione, TAF. They used to be state railways Trenitalia's trains before the creation of the joint venture Trenord. They were built 1996 to 2000 by what was then Ansaldobreda, or actually there was a consortium of several companies: Ansaldo, Breda Costruzioni Ferroviarie, ABB and Firema. They are the precursors of the TSR trains shown above. Each train is four coaches long, with two motorised and two unmotorised coaches. Top speed is 140 km/h and the train's power rating is 3640 kW. A total of 100 trains were built.
Picture from Milano Cadorna station 7.7.2019 by Ilkka Siissalo.


Compare the fronts of the TSR and TAF trains. The newer TSR on the left, the older TAF on the right. Same builders, but the TSR trains are some 10 to 15 years newer.
Picture from Milano Cadorna station 7.7.2019 by Ilkka Siissalo.


The very newest doubledecker train of Trenord is the ETR 521. It is built in the same factory as the previous TSR and TAF trains, but now after AnsaldoBreda went bankrupt, the factory is owned by the Japanese gigantic company Hitachi. And the trains have also a lot of technology from Japan. The new train is called Caravaggio after the Renaissance-era Italian painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. In June 2016 Trenitalia ordered from Hitachi 39 five coaches long Caravaggio trains and following successful testing, in September 2018, Ferrovie Nord Milano (FNM) announced it planned to purchase up to 20 Caravaggio EMUs over an eight year period. This is now one of the very first ones in trial use. It is still lacking Trenord's stickers from its sides.
Picture of Hitachi "Caravaggio" ETR 521 no.024 from Como 21.12.2019 by Stefano Bressanelli.


Inside view of the brand new Hitachi Caravaggio ETR 521 024 with Stefano Bressanelli taking a selfie.
Picture of Hitachi ETR 521 no.024 from Como 21.12.2019 by Stefano Bressanelli.


Side view of the new Hitachi Caravaggio ETR 521 of Trenord.
Picture of ETR 521 from Como 29.6.2020 by Stefano Bressanelli.


Still the same new Hitachi Caravaggio ETR 521 of Trenord, as shown above. Notice how very few side windows this new train has in its first wagon.
Picture of ETR 521 from Como 29.6.2020 by Stefano Bressanelli.


The ETR 526 is a six coaches long electric multiple unit built by Alstom. Alstom calls these trains "Jazz" and they are marketed as belonging to Alstom's Coradia family of trains - although this basic design existed already long before anyone had ever heard of the Coradia trains, as a diesel multiple unit by the name Minuetto. These new Jazz trains of the type ETR 526 are six coaches long, that is, double the size of the original diesel Minuetto. Jazz trains (ETR 523, 524, 526; the last digit tells us the number of coaches in the train) have been built since 2014 and some 100 or so have already been taken in use. The top speed of the train type is 160 km/h.
Picture from Milano Cadorna 7.7.2019 by Ilkka Siissalo.


Another ETR 526 Alstom Jazz train of Trenord.
Picture from Milano Porta Garibaldi station 7.7.2019 by Ilkka Siissalo.


This is quite a special train, Stadler GTW 4/12, also known in Italian type notation as ATR 125. A normal Stadler GTW 2/6 diesel train consists of two unmotorised coaches fixed on either side of a small "powerpack" module. The engines and all the traction equipment are packed in into the central small powerpack coach. A normal GTW 2/6 has also driver's cabs at both ends. But this GTW 4/12 is a fixed set of two GTW 2/6 trains where from each half-train one of the driver's cabs has been omitted and the halves are used permanently together. Trenord uses these quite special diesel trains on the routes Monza-Molteno-Lecco and on the line S7 Lecco-Besana Brianza-Milano Porta Garibaldi. This is a line S7 train.
Picture from the station Milano Porta Garibaldi 7.7.2019 by Ilkka Siissalo.


This is a brand new Trenord's ETR 104 built by Alstom, of course in the very new livery of Trenord with the very light green as a prominent colour. ETR 104 is also known as "Pop". They have been designed and built at the factory in Savigliano, which earlier belonged to AnsaldoBreda, famous for its lousy quality, but which now after AnsaldoBreda's bankruptcy belongs to Alstom. ETR 103 and 104 trains are now used by both Trenitalia and Trenord. ETR 104 belongs to the Coradia train family of Alstom and Alstom calls it by the name Coradia Stream and Trenitalia calls it Pop but the common nickname of this train is "Donizetti" (according to Gaetano Donizetti, who has composed a number of opera musicals.)
Picture from Luino station 18.7.2020 by Stefano Bressanelli.


Another view of the front of the very new ETR 104 "Donizetti".
Picture from Luino station 18.7.2020 by Stefano Bressanelli.


The same new ETR 104 "Donizetti", but now seen from the point of view of a dog or a cat :-)
Picture from Luino station 18.7.2020 by Stefano Bressanelli.



TILO (Ticino-Lombardia) is a regional and local train operator for trains that cross the border between Italy and Switzerland. TILO is a joint venture of the Swiss federal railways SBB and Trenord. This train is a typical Swiss Stadler FLIRT, similar to the ones used in several places in Switzerland. For more pictures of TILO trains, see the section of Swiss trains in this picture archive.
Picture from Milano Centrale 7.7.2019 by Ilkka Siissalo.


This is the newest livery of TILO, their trains gave gotten a bit more colourful. These are all Swiss SBB's Stadler FLIRT trains, but they have been registered in Italy as the class ETR 524.
Picture from Como San Giovanni station 29.6.2020 by Stefano Bressanelli.


The same TILO ETR 524 as above, but seen from its front.
Picture from Como San Giovanni station 29.6.2020 by Stefano Bressanelli.

For more pictures of TILO trains, please see the section "Switzerland" of this picture archive.

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