Hungary - Metro of Budapest

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Budapest's metro system consists of four lines, each marked by its own colour code. This train is of the yellow line M1. It is a very old metro line and due to its very narrow and low tunnels, it requires also very special trains. M1 is the oldest metro line in Budapest and it opened for service already in 1896. These trains are so called Ganz MFAV trains. They were built by Ganz-Mavag in Hungary in 1971-73. Two further trains were made in 1987. It is a three coach train running on normal gauge 1435 mm rails with a top speed of only 50 km/h (originally 60 km/h). Picture of a M1 line train 15.1.2018 by Ilpo Ruissalo.


Budapest's metro line 3 uses old Soviet Russian metro trains, some of which are already refurbished in Russia. This is a rebuilt type 81-717.2K/714.2K train. In the refurbishment which began in 2016 the originally blue trains were repainted white and black and they got a totally new front part and new interiors. Picture 29.12.2017 by Timo Varshukov.


A second view of te same train as above. Picture 29.12.2017 by Timo Varshukov.

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