Germany - Mitteldeutsche Eisenbahn MEG, Euro Cargo Rail and other DB subsidiaries

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Mitteldeutsche Eisenbahn MEG


Mitteldeutsche Eisenbahn Gesellschaft MEG is a DB AG subsidiary owned by DB and VTG which is a cargo wagon rental company. MEG's headquarters are in Schkopau and its operations center on Schkopau, Böhlen and Rüdersdorf as well as Rostock harbour and also in the harbour of Regensburg. MEG has over 60 of its own locomotives, mostly old DB machines, but also totally new ones such as Alstom's hybrid models and these class 77 machines. This class 077 is a further development of the more famous class 66. They are cheap but powerful machines made in USA for the British market. Because of their cheap price they are becoming increasingly popular also in continental Europe. It is the type JT42CWRM of the American company EMD, formerly Electromotive division of General Motors. DB uses 60 of these class 077 machines, but most of them are painted in the whitish grey paintings of DB's subsidiary Euro Cargo Rail. The same machines are also known as Br247 or Br266.4.
Picture from Blankenburg in Harz 1.7.2019 by Ilkka Siissalo.

Euro Cargo Rail ECR


A similar class 077 machine like the one in MEG's colours shown above, but this one is in the light grey colours of Euro Cargo Rail ECR. ECR is DB's subsidiary in France. Because of people's strong negative attitudes still towards the Germans due to World War II in France, DB does not operate there with its own name and its own red colours, but uses the trademark ECR. But some of these light grey ECR machines operate also in Germany as DB Cargo has rented some of them for its own German domestic operations. Note that at the front of the machine it is marked as class 247, but at the so called UIC roster at its side, the machine is marked as being of the class 266.4.
Picture from Coswig 16.7.2018 by Ilkka Siissalo.

RBH Logistics


RBH Logistics is the former train operations part of Ruhrkohle AG, a huge coal mining company operating in the famous Ruhr industrial area in Germany. Today RBH is a daughter company of DB Cargo. This rare electric locomotive is one of the class 1200 belonging to the type Henschel E 1200. That was a type developed specially only for Ruhrkohle in the late 1970s. Only 13 copies of this locomotive type were ever made in 1976 and 1984. The type was world's first electric locomotive type ever built in series equipped with asynchronous engine technology and semiconductor steering of power. It was built to be extra strong to be able to pull heavy coal trains from tracks deep down underground at Ruhrkohle's coal fields. This locomotive type was also the precursor of the Austrian class 1063. Austrians loaned one of these machines to test it in their country's mountainous tracks and then decided to buy machines based on the same technology.
Picture from Oberhausen 7.7.2010 by Ilkka Siissalo.
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