Austria - electric multiple units of federal railways ÖBB

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The ÖBB class Br4744, also known as "CityJet" is Austria's newest regional train type. It is built by Siemens as their type Desiro ML or Desiro Mainline. These CityJets are now rapidly pushing aside older class Br4020 trains, especially from all traffic around Wien.
Picture at Linz Hauptbahnhof 15.3.2018 by Ilkka Siissalo.


Two new CityJets side by side, one running a Regionalexpress service and another one just a normal regional train.
Picture at Linz Hauptbahnhof 15.3.2018 by Ilkka Siissalo.


Still one more picture of the same Desiro ML / CityJet, seen a bit more from its side. The train is only partly low-floor.
Picture at Linz Hauptbahnhof 15.3.2018 by Ilkka Siissalo.


A class Br4744 Siemens CityJet (Desiro ML) leaving Waidhofen an der Ybbs station in full speed.
Picture from Waidhofen an der Ybbs 17.3.2018 by Ilkka Siissalo.


A class 4024 "Talent" electric multiple unit is loading a noisy group of schoolchildren at St. Johann in Tirol station 7.7.2015. These Bombardier made Talent trains are very common in Austria now and they have all but superceded the previously omnipresent Br4020. Picture by Ilkka Siissalo.


Another view of a Bombardier Talent Baureihe (class) 4024 at the service of the S-Bahn Vorarlberg, seen here at Kufstein station 7.7.2015. Picture by Ilkka Siissalo.


A long regional train of the S-Bahn Vorarlberg service of ÖBB, consisting of two four coach electric multiple units of Br4024, a Bombardier Talent train.
Picture from Linz station 15.3.2018 by Ilkka Siissalo.


A four coach Bombardier Talent class 4024 at the Bludenz station 27.1.2013. Photo by Ilkka Siissalo.


Actually this picture is not from Austria, but neighbouring Germany, where an ÖBB Talent Br 4023 is approaching the Bad Reichenhall station. This is one of the many border crossing lines along the German-Austrian border. This Br 4023 is similar to the Talents of Br 4024 shown in pictures above, but 4023 is three coaches long and 4024 is four coaches. Photo 7.7.2015 by Ilkka Siissalo.


Another Talent, this time a Linie Salzburg three coach class 4023 at the Salzburg main station 1.5.2006. Photo by Ilkka Siissalo.


Another Talent Br4023. The Talent electric multiple unit trains of ÖBB belong to the classes 4023, 4123, 4024 and 4124. The last digit shows if the train has three or four coaches. 41 in the beginning = the train can run not only on the Austrian/German 15kV, but also on Hungarian 25 kV AC. 40 in the beginning = the unit can run only in Austria / Germany.
Picture from Salzburg Hauptbahnhof 14.3.2018 by Ilkka Siissalo.


The ÖBB class 4020 local commuter electric trains used to be found all over Austria and for many years they were blue and light grey as in this old picture from near Kufstein. Picture 25.4.2002 by Ilkka Siissalo.


Another view of a blue and white class 4020, this time at the Bregenz station ready to leave to Lindau. These have by now almost all been replaced by the Talent family of EMUs, classes 4023 and 4024.
Picture in Bregenz 30.3.2002 by Ilkka Siissalo.


These were the times when local commuter trains of Wien were still blue and white class 4020s. First these trains were repainted red and light grey, then replaced by more modern Talent trains (or in case of the airport train, with double decker trains in special livery) and then in 2016-17 yet again replaced by Siemens built so called CityJet trains (Siemens' type Desiro Mainline). But this picture is still from the good old times. Photo at the Wien Swechat airport station 31.12.2002 by Ilkka Siissalo.
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