Identity Management Server

pki-silent - Certificate System - Silent Installer

License: GPLv2
Vendor: Scientific Linux
The PKI Silent Installer may be used to "automatically" configure
the following PKI subsystems in a non-graphical (batch) fashion

    the Certificate Authority (CA),
    the Data Recovery Manager (DRM),
    the Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) Manager,
    the Registration Authority (RA),
    the Token Key Service (TKS), and/or
    the Token Processing System (TPS).

This package is a part of the PKI Core used by the Certificate System.


Certificate System (CS) is an enterprise software system designed
to manage enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) deployments.

PKI Core contains fundamental packages required by Certificate System,
and consists of the following components:

  * pki-setup
  * pki-symkey
  * pki-native-tools
  * pki-util
  * pki-util-javadoc
  * pki-java-tools
  * pki-java-tools-javadoc
  * pki-common
  * pki-common-javadoc
  * pki-selinux
  * pki-ca
  * pki-silent

which comprise the following PKI subsystems:

  * Certificate Authority (CA)

For deployment purposes, Certificate System requires ONE AND ONLY ONE
of the following "Mutually-Exclusive" PKI Theme packages:

  * ipa-pki-theme    (IPA deployments)
  * dogtag-pki-theme (Dogtag Certificate System deployments)
  * redhat-pki-theme (Red Hat Certificate System deployments)


pki-silent-9.0.3-53.el6.noarch [3.1 MiB] Changelog by Endi S. Dewata (2017-02-08):
- Resolves #1403943 - Replica install fails with failed to configure ca on
  "White spaces are required between publicId and systemId"
  (contains the additional changes required to work with the latest HTTPD)

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