Infiniband Support

libibverbs - A library for direct userspace use of RDMA (InfiniBand/iWARP) hardware

License: GPLv2 or BSD
Vendor: Scientific Linux
libibverbs is a library that allows userspace processes to use RDMA
"verbs" as described in the InfiniBand Architecture Specification and
the RDMA Protocol Verbs Specification.  This includes direct hardware
access from userspace to InfiniBand/iWARP adapters (kernel bypass) for
fast path operations.

For this library to be useful, a device-specific plug-in module should
also be installed.


libibverbs-1.1.8-4.el6.i686 [52 KiB] Changelog by Doug Ledford (2015-02-24):
- Update RoCE IP addressing patches to latest version under review
- Fix a coverity found issue
- Resolves: bz1119105

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