Euphorbiaceae Juss. Spurge Family Tyräkkikasvit
  • Acalyphaceae J. Agardh
  • Androstachydaceae Airy Shaw
  • Antidesmataceae Loudon
  • Aporosaceae Lidl. ex Miq.
  • Baloghiaceae Baum.-Bodenh.
  • Bertyaceae J. Agardh
  • Bischofiaceae (Muell. Arg.) Airy Shaw
  • Crotonaceae J. Agardh

Foodplants for Amyna punctum, Caligula japonica, Chrysodeixis includens, Dicallomera fascelina, Dysgonia arctotaenia, D. mandschuriana, D. stuposa, Erinnyis ello, Hyles nicaea, Pseudosphinx tetrio, Rapala manea schistacea, Rathinda amor, Rethera komarovi?


31.1.2022 (60)


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