Ochotona Link, 1795 Pikas Mouse-Hares Calling Hares
  • Ochotona Link, 1795; Beyträge zur Naturgeschichte 1 (2): 74; TS: Lepus ogotona Pallas
  • Conothoa
  • Lagomys G. Cuvier
  • Ogotoma
  • Pika Lacépède, 1799; Tabl. Mamm.: 9; TS: Lepus alpinus Pallas
  • Pika Lyon, 1904; Smithsonian Misc. Coll. 45: 438
  • Tibetholagus
  • Abra Gray, 1863; Catalogue of mammalia and birds of Nepal and Thibet, 2nd ed: 11 (preoccupied by Abra Lamarck, 1818 (Mollusca)); TS: Lagomys curzoniae
  • Abrana Strand, 1928; (New name for Abra Gray)
The ? species-group

22.4.2000 (18)


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