Pixtures from Finnish nature

		Marko A. Gronroos (magi@nic.funet.fi, magi@utu.fi)
		Karvataskunkatu 10 H 100
		20610 Turku
		Tel#: +358-921-445613
All pictures all 256 color, scanned to 1 or 2 megabytes from a standard 15x9cm (??) photograph.

If you are going to use this material in any commercial product or action (book, etc.), please notice that it is 'shareware' and copyrighted (Copyright 1992, All rights reserved). For permission to use these pictures, just mail or email me. For other purposes, these pictures can be copied freely.

Individual file descriptions:

Yes, a branch of a pine.

Wood anemone (valkovuokko)

Branch of willow.

By the river Aurajoki, some kilometres north from the Turku city (Finland), raises an about 50m high hill. On this hill lie the remains of an old castle, Vanhalinna (Oldcastle).

My mother, Sisko Orvokki Grönroos (maiden name Toivola) at our balcony with her flowers. Summer -91.

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