Restricted IRC client access

How is restriction configured?

Restricted client access is a new feature in IRC server since version 2.9. It is an option which can be activated by the server admin. The feature is activated by defining i:lines for client access instead of I:lines, so the only difference for admin is the case of the i/I.

The client access definitions can be viewed online in IRC by command:

	/stats i []
User's current server can be queried without the server parameter. The reply tells if the client access is restricted (i:) or normal (I:). As always, the server admin contact address can be found with command:
        /admin []

How does restricted session show up in IRC?

Restricted clients receive on connect a notice like:
	Your connection is restricted!
They also have usermode +r, which cannot be removed. The restriction lasts whole session. A new prefix is added to username of restricted users, so that also remote users can find out the restriction. The prefix can be '+', '=' or '-', meaning idented normal user, idented unnormal user(name), and unidented user respectively.

How does restriction effect on the client?

Restricted clients:
  1. cannot act as channel operator on normal #channels (/mode, /kick, ..)
  2. cannot change nickname (/nick)
  3. can chat normally.

What is the idea behind restricted access?

The purpose of the optional restricted i:lines is to provide server admin more flexible tool for providing chat services. Even faraway client connections can be allowed at the same time as most of the traditional abuse and hacking attempts are disabled. Users who find themselves restricted and cannot stand it should look for another server closer by their own location in the 'Net.